Didactics and Corporate Solutions


Cyberries can develop tailored hardware-software solutions to meet your training and/or management needs. We can provide a range of software solution, from pre-employment testing to competency evaluation, to help you manage your staff's training.

Team building

The interaction between individuals and the patterns of behaviour that they display when they are in a team is what can make or break a good team.

By studying the behaviour exhibited in your teams, we can make analyse and suggest solutions to help improve the effectiveness of your team and therefore add a boost to your business.

Unlike the usual games, team building activities, ensures that not only you have an enjoyable day away from the office, but you also gain valuable insights into how individual team members behave and interact.

Through our activities we also try to demonstrate how team dynamics can be improved, maximising each individual's potential. These events are highly effective in improving morale and confidence amongst employees.

Business Meetings

Any business meeting or corporate event represents an investment for your company. The event will cost in term of time and money, and no doubt, you have a goal that you trying to achieve.

Corporate meetings and team events can now be a strategic business tool aimed at changing behaviour, creating value and positively impacting all the work force.

Contents and formats are the core, but the environment in which you hold your business meetings is also key to its success.

Cyberries provides a tailored solution: finding the right venue, choosing the right event and using the right technological support. We will make you a proposal, based on your requirements that will be suitable for your business, to helps you maximise the results from your meetings.


Event Management is a professional field of practice that requires sophisticated skills in strategic planning and analysis, risk assessment, marketing, budgeting, cash flow planning, event proposal development and many other topics. The project nature of events, as well as the range of risks they carry (including financial risk) make necessary the consulence of skilled and knowledgeable managers.

Conventions or conferences are large events that integrate a subculture by providing a place of communication, interactions, cross-pollination, and community. Conventions can be focused on science fiction programs, hobbies, films or film genres, comic books, or any passion shared by many. Conferences are academic gatherings that affirm disciplinary values, promote scholarship in community, and offer venues for presenting fresh ideas. Planning a convention or conference can be is a big job, and the chore of bringing together vendors, a location, thousands of attendees, and staff can seem daunting.

Cyberries is providing the consultancy of experienced planners to offer you insight as you begin planning your large event.

We can follow you step by step through the production of your big event... from the project, to the opening day.