System Integration

Web based Integration

We are specialized in developing customized integration solutions based on LAMP/WAMP environment. The implementation of this system with your existent systems and software can provide you with a single easy to use front-end solution to access, control and configure every aspect of your business flow.

Learning Environment Design

We are living in the era of augmented reality. Technology-enhanced learning is not a future project, but a real opportunity we have to catch. The market offers a great quantity of commercial solutions, but the choice is not easy, as most of them are either too expensive or incomplete for your needs.

Interactive Museum Solutions

A-museum is our proposal to solve your exigency to have a cheap but high quality solution to make your little museum or exposition interactive and involving.

An integrated use of position sensors, touch screens and walls, totems, projectors, and a strong, solid web based application is what we propose to make your museum a very amazing experience.