Entertainment Solutions

Event Management

Whatever you are organizing, a large convention or a small party, it is sure, that the outcome will have a deep impact on your personal and business life. That's why, it is important to plan every detail very carefully.

Event Management is a professional field. One that requires sophisticated skills in a number of different areas: strategic planning and analysis, risk assessment, marketing, budgeting, cash flow, event proposal, development and many other topics. The project nature of events, as well as the range of risks they carry (including financial risks), make it necessary to have to rely on the help of skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Cyberries is providing the skills and the knowledge necessary to see your project successfully completed.

We can offer you all the support and insight that you require. As you begin to plan your party, concert, promotional event, tour, festival, or convention, we can personalise our help to your needs, from as little as providing just keypads or follow you step by step... from the first idea, to the opening day.

Interactive quiz


UBQFun is our solution for a wide range of successful entertainment events it contains some additional innovative modules that will give a boost to your performance. Read more

Audience voting

Do you need to get in touch with your audience? Do you need to know their opinion immediately? Do you need to form a voting jury for a completion?

Our various audience response solutions can adapt to your different purposes, to create an engaging environment where audience members can actively participate in the outcome of the competition. Contact our department to find the best solution for your project.